CAPE Society is a member of DIRECTIONS

About CAPE

In 1980, the Society opened its doors as Brass Tacks Industries. The focus of the work at that time was furniture refinishing, and the participants of Brass Tacks gained a solid reputation for some of the best refinishing work on the Island.

A tragic fire in 2005 devastated the building, but through the efforts of management and staff, a new building was developed on the old site. With the new building came a new name, the Centre for Adults in Progressive Employment (CAPE Society). The new name was to reflect the program offering of the Society; the fact that the Society had evolved into more than a furniture refinishing operation, and into a programmed centre to aid in the social development of our participants as well.

What we are and what we do

The CAPE Society is managed through a professional team of dedicated employees, who work to offer the most innovative and progressive employment programs in the Province. Our participants benefit from a structured day program including work time and social time, maximizing life skills training.

Our mission here at the CAPE is to help integrate persons with disabilities into the community. We all aim to see our participants live to their fullest potential as social members of the community. We want them to have great lives; to be happy and healthy and independent!

The Centre for Adults in Progressive Employment is affiliated with the United Way of Canada. At our centre we retain the goals alike those of the United Way whereby we continue to make opportunies for everyone in the community. We embrace diversity, while demonstrating integrity, trust, and respect to all of our employees.